Email Newsletter- Issue 1

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Welcome to the first issue of the newsletter designed to keep you up to date on events and activities at The Stables at Tamaya – Horse Rehabilitation Program. Our goal is to let you know how the horses you love are doing and inform you of ways you can help. We hope you will enjoy it and share with friends.

Happy Anniversary to The Stables at Tamaya

Two years ago in August, The Stables at Tamaya Horse Rehabilitation Program was born. In response to the dire need of abandoned and surrendered horses, and with the support of the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa, The Stables at Tamaya has rescued more than 50 horses, provided countless hotel guests with trail rides, and provided the local community with jobs and fun events. You can contribute to this vital work by clicking on the button below to make a general fund donation.

How do you say that?

Both the The Stables and the Hyatt Regency proudly carry the name Tamaya, which means “a quiet and special place.” Both sit on 500 acres of sovereign land bordering the Rio Grande and Tuya Mesa. Tamaya is pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable, and all the a’s are short: Say the first syllable by putting your tongue just behind your teeth at the roof of your mouth, as if you are about to say the word “taste.” Say the second syllable as if calling your mother: Ma. The last syllable is the same, but with the Y sound. You got it!

Memorial for Frank

Frank is the beautiful, Percheron on the left, next to his mate Jessie, who visibly grieved when he succumbed to an intestinal blockage. Horses are powerful, yet fragile creatures. They cannot throw up and can perish quickly from abdominal ailments. Frank and Jessie are the last two horses given to Connie by her late husband David Collis, the love of her life. We extend condolences to the Stables for the loss of this precious, irreplaceable, and cherished horse.

Feed a Horse

It takes about $100.00 a month to feed a rescue horse at The Stables. If you can’t feed one horse for a whole month, know that any contribution to the Feed Fund helps.

Wish List

Without big dreams, The Stables at Tamaya would not exist. You can contribute to the dream by donating to these special projects that will allow more horses to be saved and enrich the lives of current horses.

Quarantine Pen: $6,500.
One new stall: $2,000.
Shade Structure: $10,000.00

A Stall with Your Name

For just $1,000.00, one of the 25 horse stalls at The Stables at Tamaya can be named for you or in honor or memory of a loved one. The two draft team stables are larger and can be personalized for $2,000.00. Naming opportunities will be issued on a first-come first-served basis.

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