In many parts of New Mexico, horses run wild. Placitas, a small community less that 12 miles east of The Stables at Tamaya, is one of those places. In May 2013 we received a call asking us to take an orphaned newborn foal.  Her mother was found dead on a Placitas roadside and she lay just a few feet away, next to a tumbleweed. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we were able to say “yes” and named the little filly Tumbleweed.

Taking care of an orphaned foal requires around the clock care and money. In its first week of life, a normal foal bottle feeds every one to two hours. Only with the devotion of volunteers, were we able to commit to Tumbleweed. They stayed at The Stables day and night, even sleeping there, to care for this precious baby.

We also needed mare’s milk, which is expensive.  In Tumbleweed’s first six months of life, it cost $1,400 to keep her supplied with mare’s milk until she could be weaned, more than double what it costs to feed an adult horse.

Tumbleweed grew, cavorted around the stables and won the hearts of everyone. “Horse Rehab was just getting started and she helped keep all of us going,” Connie said. “Tumbleweed was a great source of optimism and encouragement.”

Today, Tumbleweed is still growing. Connie says Tumbleweed is “like a spunky teenager – all leg and wild hair. She is absolutely thriving.”