What is Horse Rehab?

The Unwanted Horse Coalition estimates that numbers of unwanted horses are increasing, with over 170,000 unwanted horses in the United States. Top reasons why horses become unwanted include:

  • Affordability
  • Old age or injury of the horse
  • Loss of owner interest
  • Unmanageability
  • Change in owner’s employment status

Most rescue facilities are at full capacity and many have to turn horses away.

In 2012, Connie Collis decided that she wanted to do what she could to help these beautiful animals. She approached the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa and the Pueblo of Santa Ana, and together they have committed to stepping forward and being part of the solution to this problem.

The Tamaya Horse Rehabilitation Program takes horses and, not only works to improve a horse’s health, but strives to find each horse's potential. As with people, horses need to be understood and nurtured so we can find hidden talents and act on them. Once a horse is physically well, it is trained so that it becomes manageable, rideable or can pull a wagon. With this training, horses are put in a situation where they can be adopted, with less risk of being unwanted again.

We are currently helping 47 rescue horses - a huge leap from the original six malnourished horses we started with in 2012. As our program expands, so does our need for support. It will take a minimum of $75,000 in donations this year just to keep our horses fed and shoed. Our program is 100% volunteer driven.

Our Mission

We take neglected, abused, unwanted and abandoned horses throughout New Mexico and rehabilitate them, putting them in the best situation possible and bring them into their own.